Client Info – Becoming a Client of Larson & Anderson, LLC

Larson & AndersonClient Information

Becoming a Client: The formation of an attorney-client relationship occurs only when the both the prospective client and the attorney are in agreement to the terms of the relationship. Before Larson & Anderson, LLC can accept a company or individual as client we need to consider whether we could do a good job on behalf of the prosepctive client. This means considering whether we have the time and resources and the appropriate technical background. It also means doing a conflict check to make sure that work for a potential client would not create a conflict with an existing client, and explaining to the prospective client the associated cost of the services under consideration. Until this is all completed to everyone’s satisfaction, Larson & Anderson should not be provided with confidential information and no attorney-client relationship exists.

Please remember when Larson & Anderson, LLC prepares a patent application or performs other work for a client, it is the client’s duty and responsibility to review and understand the work, and in particular the patent claims, to determine if it/they meet the client’s business needs.