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Access to your Information: Sometimes you may need to see information from your files when the attorneys and support staff are not available. If the information is a filed document in a published US patent or patent application, this can often be viewed through the USPTO Public PAIR system. You will need to enter the code words on the screen and then search for your application or patent using an ID number such as the serial number, patent number or publication number. If you do not have one of these numbers handy, you can use the USPTO search page to locate the published application or patent.

Similar information about trademarks can be found through the Trademark Status Pages at the USPTO.

The information available through these pages is publically available information, and it only includes documents that have been filed with the USPTO. We can also provide you with a secure website on which you can view documents and correspondence realting to your files. If this is of interest, please contact us to see what arrangements can be made.