Innovating in Support --

At Larson & Anderson, our attorneys offer decades of combined experience and provide a multi-disciplinary approach to addressing our client's IP needs. Not every invention is best-protected in the same way, and not every inventor has the diversity of background to extract the best scope of protection for his or her invention. By combining technical knowledge and patent strategies from different fields of endeavor, we are able to develop appoaches to get protection for the innovations of our clients. We call this "Innovating in Support of Innovators."

We believe that one of the best ways for our clients to obtain IP rights that contribute to the value of their company is to work together so that the decision makers and inventors have a sound understanding of the basics requirements of the law, and the attorney has a sound understanding of the true needs of the client. This level of collaboration can create a complete and viable IP portfolio for your company.

Since we have maintained our firm as a small intellectual property boutique, we find that we are able to eliminate many of the costs incurred by larger law firms and pass the savings directly on to our clients. We therefore can provide excellent work product at extremely competitive rates when compared to general practice firms with an IP group and larger intellectual property boutiques.

We welcome the opportunity to meet new prospective clients and to discuss how we might work together.