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The following information about copyrights is general information about the copyright system in the US and is not legal advice which is given only to clients of the firm. Links are provided to pages at the US Copyright Office if additional general information is desired.

Copyright gives authors certain protections in their original creations which are fixed in tangible mediums. An author's copyright in his original work is established at the time the work is fixed in a tangible medium (e.g. paper, rock, metal, marble, film, disc, hard drive, etc.).

An author's copyright can be registered with the US Copyright office. In fact, in order to bring a lawsuit in federal court alleging copyright violation, the copyright MUST BE registered with the office. Furthermore, registration of the copyright with the office may provide additional benefits including an award of statutory damages and attorney’s fees if litigation is successful.

At Larson and Anderson LLC, we charge flat rate fees for preparing and filing US Copyright applications. However, on rare occasions we may be required to respond to rejections or objections from a US Copyright Examiner which would be billed at hourly rates. The US government fee for filing a US Copyright application is less than $50, if filed online.